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went after medical fraud in medicare and medicaid very aggressively, more aggressively than ever before. and we have saved 10's of billions of dollars. 50 million in waste taken out of the program. i have worked with the federal government to cut a trillion dollars out of our domestic discretionary budget. that's the largest cut in the budget since dwight eisen hour. . . when governor romney stood on a stage with other republican candidates for the nomination and he was asked, would you take $10 of spending cuts for just $1 of revenue? and he said no. now, if you take such an unbalanced approach, then that means you are going to be gutting our investments in schools and education. it means that governor romney talked about medicaid and how we could send it back to the states, but effectively this means a 30% cut in the primary program we help for seniors who are in nursing homes, for kids who are with disabilities. >> mr. president, i'm sorry. >> that is not right strategy for us to move forward. >> governor, what about simpson- bowles? do you support simpson-bowles? >> simpson-bowles,
and romney are arguing over who is going to spend more money on medicare would need to have a reading debate and discussion on this country on how we slash medicare spending because if we do not, i believe we will find ourselves in the midst of a monetary collapsed as a result of continuing to borrow and spend money to the tune of 43 cents out of every dollar we spend. host: so what do you see on that particular issue? what is your prescription? pardon the expression. >> i oversaw the or form of medicaid in the mexico when i was governor of new mexico. we ticket from a fee-for- service model to a managed-care model. we saved hundreds of millions of dollars, set up better health care networks for the poor. i believe if the federal government would have a lot granted the state of new mexico 43% less money, and done away with all the strings and the mandate, i could've effectively oversee the delivery of health care to the fore. i think you apply that same template to medicare, health care for those over 65, get the federal government out of the health-care business completely , give it up to t
voted to end medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies twice. he said he was proud to any said he does not mean it, it would never pass anyway. all right, look. i understand the importance of a good education. i am the first person in my family to go to college. my dad has got a ninth grade education. a good education changes your life. our students here are not just competing anymore with places in the united states. not just montana. they are competing with other emerging economies across the planet. we have to invest in our cells. -- in ourselves. i was astonished knowing the importance of a quality education when my opponent voted to slash grants and voted to increase the interest payments on student loans. that is how i went to school. that is how thousands of nevada at middle income families go to school. they depend on it. my opponent voted to slash. and he in -- he voted to double. as far as the department of education is concerned, at the lincoln county dinner, he very clearly said it is exactly what he would do, eliminate the department of education. it wa
may call me a big spender. i think we need to cut the increase in medicare costs, none of which would impact the benefit themselves. he may say i'm in favor of cutting $716 billion. he wants to privatize medicare. washington is a place where everybody place the blame game. the democratic leaders think the problems are caused by the republicans. as you know, these are not republican and democrat problems. these are american problems. the senate that we address the serious fiscal problems, the senate we can get the solutions and not gobbledygook. i'm not a professional politician. you can tell by my hair cut. i take a second seat to no one in my devotion to this country. i served 30 years on active duty. i did it because it was the right thing. 80% of the people in congress have never served in the military. they did not know what it is like to send sons and daughters into war. our veterans deserve much more to get their benefits than corporations that sent our jobs across the water deserve to get special tax incentives through the tax code. thank you for inviting me and thank you for b
, not supported, or actually it recoiled. 60-7% of americans support medicare, support social security, what does that mean? having the richest in this country pay their fair share. i think there is an awareness that, for example, the ryan budget, is not popular with the voters and the american people. there's a lot of smoothing and a duck and cover in order to sell something other than what is actually on the table. host: thanks very much. let's take a call from loretta. she is watching us in cleveland, a democrat there. caller: good morning, ladies. katrina, i agree with you. we remember the box of rocks that bush left obama when he came into office. i am shocked by how the media has given the republicans a pass, because when bush came into office, clinton left him a $5.60 trillion surplus. bush gave it away to his billionaire buddy spirit that was 2001. i -- david which was billionaire bodies. that was 2001. in 2003, bush gave republican job creators $3.50 trillion for jobs, but we got 99 despite 2008. that is a whole year. president obama was then-senator obama -- guest: your command of the n
revolution taking place in medical care now. it is in medicare website, hospital compare, and it has ratings for hospitals, patient satisfaction scores to my information on whether they follow best practices. some of the information is helpful. some of it is not. but we are seeing a revolution out where the heart surgeon's society is getting ready -- together with consumer reports in a way to measure outcomes. and 40% of hospitals now participate in this outcome performance test. host: 10 in new york on the republican line. -- ken in new york on the republican line. caller: i went into the hospital with a compound fracture of my lower right leg. at a local hospital here i had to read through all of the paperwork there were handing me before i went into surgery. -- they were handing me before winter surgery. -- went into surgery. and it had something to do with the left leg. i was like, wait a minute, i broke my right leg here. now i have to look over these forms again. they had to go back and redo and bring me the correct forms. i was in there for about almost a month. they transferred me t
to see medicare privatized. that is what he wants. he didn't sign a pledge for nebraska. he signed his pledge. he has a particular vision for our state. i happen to disagree with that vision and believe that signing that pledge is going to make it difficult for us to take care of our kids and give them the quality of education they need. >> senator fisher, 30 seconds. >> mr. kerrey, i don't agree with your numbers. you know that. i signed a pledge to people. -- to nebraskans. i have never had them say to me go to lincoln and raise my taxes. i have never had a person say to me go to washington and keep spending. that is not how we do it. i have been on the front lines in education. i have served on a board in a small district where you deal intimately with staff, with students and with parents, and we have been successful here in the state doing this. >> thank you. senator kerrey. >> the numbers are available for people to look at. you can examine it. macroeconomics has examined the impact. it will destroy 50,000 jobs. it will make it difficult to do anything. especially with education.
at 62. now they are starting to take medicare. what does that mean to you in general, that we will go through 20 or 30 years of those people moving through the years of their lives when they are entitled to social security, medicare, and other things? what does that mean in terms of your grandchildren's generation? >> we need to start correcting all of that now and not let it continue. it may occur for a while the matter but i do, but the sooner we start correcting it, the sooner we get that out of the way. we do not do anything. the point is we are in denial. we need to get out of denial and focus on what we need to do and do it and keep the american people fully informed every step of the way so they know why we did this and what we did that and so on and so forth. but them feel they know they are directly involved, because we're trying to get their money. >> it is a matter of public education, and that is where groups like dave's and other organizations that are trying to beat the drums to get americans to understand what is going on, is that what you feel is most important, educat
-span.org. >> we need to tackle our nation's challenges before they tackle us. we need to strengthen medicare and social security. we're putting ideas on the table to do that. we will save these benefits for seniors and my generation so that these promises are kept. >> they have laid out clearly, they say, what barack obama and joe biden did is they endangered medicare. they stole money from medicare for amacare, and you see the ads in here and everything they say. nothing could be further from the truth. >> october 11, congressman paul ryan and vice president joe biden will face off in their only debate. abc news' martha raddatz moderates, and you can watch our live debate preview starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern, followed by the debate at 9:00. follow our live coverage on c- span, c-span radio, an online at c-span.org. >> up next, a look at the immediate impact last night's debate had on of voters. charlie cook talked this morning with a republican pollster and democratic pollster. this is about 90 minutes. >> morning, everybody. if i could invite you to take your seats, we are going to go ahe
free preventive care last year. texans on medicare have saved $223 million on drug prescription drugs. do you support taking away all these benefits that are very popular with texans? he went to take them away by trying to repeal this law? >> i believe we should repeal this law for two reasons. number one, it is designed to move us inexorably towards single-payer government- provided health care. if you look every nation on earth where socialized medicine is implemented, the result has been poor quality, waiting times, and rationing, putting government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. the second reason it should be repealed as that i think obamacare was rammed through in a brazen display of arrogance. it was clear it was contrary to the strong views of the majority of people. it is the only major piece of social legislation of modern times to be passed on a strictly partisan vote, only by democrats, despite the fact that brokers in virginia had elected -- the voters in virginia hide rejected a democrat and elected a republican. in massachusetts, the scott brown race was
they would raise taxes in a lame duck if democrats would settle on medicare and other things. that is to be safely navigate it's a bad deal can be struck in 2013. >> -- navigate that the deal -- that is to be safely navigated so that deal can be struck in 2013. >> we have a question in and that i think is appropriate for bob. if they do not address the fiscal cliff in december, how quickly, in other words, could the new congress move? you seem to suggest very quickly, but there is an organizing issue here. >> not necessarily. >> if you think of this as a two-stage process where you have a framework bill first and a detailed bill that makes the detailed changes in the tax code that makes changes, say, in the cost structure or the underlying premium structure of medicare, no, i don't thing that will happen in january. that would be where you start a -- you set a dollar target and that could happen in the second phase or something like data. -- like that. for the framework bill, think about the budget control act that was worked out in august of 2011 we were approaching the debt
millionaire's tax cut, just to pay for more tax cuts that we cannot afford. i will never turn medicare into a voucher. governor romney doubled down on the proposal last night, and he is wrong. no american should have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. they should retire with the dignity they have earned. we will perform and strengthen medicare for a long haul, but reducing the cost of health care, not by asking seniors to pay thousands of dollars more, and we will keep promise of social security by taking the responsible steps to strengthen it. we will have a chance to talk about what is going on overseas, because our prosperity at home is linked to what happens abroad. four years ago, i promised to end the war in iraq, and i did. i said we would wind down the war in afghanistan in a responsible way, and we are. while a new tower is rising above the new york skyline, al qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is dead. we still face serious threats throughout the world. we saw that a few weeks ago, and that is a why we will sustain the strongest military th
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12